Psalm 38


1Lord, do not in hot displeasure speak in stern reproof to me;
Let Your chast’ning be in measure, and Your stroke from anger free.
2For Your hand upon me presses; deep Your arrows sink within.
3Wrath my flesh and bones distresses; gives no rest because of sin.

4For my manifold transgressions have gone up above my head;
Like a burden, their oppressions weigh me down with constant dread.
5Loathsome are my wounds neglected; my own folly makes it so;
6Bowed with pain, with grief dejected, all day long I mourning go.

7For my loins are filled with burning; There’s no soundness in my flesh.
8Feeble, crushed, I’m ever groaning in my spirit’s restlessness.
9My desire and ceaseless wailing, Lord, unveiled before You lie;
10My heart throbs; my strength is failing; All the light has left my eye.

11Friends and loved ones whom I cherish from my plague now stand aloof.
My own kinsmen, though I perish, come no more beneath my roof.
12They who for my life are seeking, for me snares in secret lay,
Hurtful things against me speaking, plots devising through the day.

13I am like one deaf and speechless, I am mute, and never speak.
14I’m as one their words not hearing, no defense my mouth will make.
15You, O Lord, I have been trusting; Lord, my God, You’ll answer me,
16Lest they gloat and start rejoicing, when my slipping feet they see.

17For I am about to stumble; grief has ever with me been.
18I iniquity acknowledge; deeply troubled by my sin.
19Great in number, full of vigor, strong the foes who me withstood!
20Evil they for kindness render, Hating me for doing good.

21Lord, I pray, do not forsake me; O my God, stay near to me.
22Hurry! Come at once to help me! O my Lord, my Savior be!