Psalm 20


1O may the Lord give heed to you when troubled days are nigh;
And may the name of Jacob’s God protect you from on high.

2May He send help to you from His own sanctuary true;
From Zion, His own holy hill, may He give strength to you.

3May He recall your sacrifice; your off’rings may He heed.Selah
4May He give you your heart’s desire; make all your plans succeed.

5We’ll shout for joy when you succeed, and win the victory.
We’ll lift our banners in the name of God who heard our plea.

6The Lord saves His anointed one, and from His holy heav’n,
I know He answers him with pow’r that His right hand has giv’n.

7Some put their trust in char-i-ots; on horses some rely;
But we trust in God’s name alone, the Lord our God on high.

8They’re brought down to their knees but we have risen and stand tall.
9O Lord, hear us and save the king! Give answer when we call!