Psalm 83

87.87 D

1O my God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, be not still!
2For Your foes make such an uproar, rear their heads against Your will.
3They make plans against Your people; plot against those You adore.
4They say, “Come, let us destroy them; Isr’el’s name will be no more.”

5With one mind they plot together; form alliance against You;
6Tents of Edom and of Ishm’el; Moab and the Hagrites, too.
7Gebal, Amalek, and Ammon; those of Tyre, Philistia, then—
8E’en Assyria has joined them to lend strength to Lot’s children.Selah

9Do to them as You fought Mi-dian; let them find what Jabin found,
10Who, with Sis-er-a at Kishon, died as dung on Endor’s ground.
11Make their nobles be like Oreb, and like Zeeb their leaders be;
All their princes be like Zebah, and Zalmunna ruined be.

12All these said, “Let’s take possession, all God’s pastureland we’ll win.”
13Like the tumbleweed now make them; like the chaff before the wind.
14As the fire consumes the forest, or a flame sets hills on fire,
15So pursue them with Your tempest; terrify with Your storm’s ire.

16Fill their faces with dishonor, so that they will seek Your face.
17May they be ashamed, dismayed, Lord; may they perish in disgrace.
18Let them know that You alone, Lord—You whose name is full of worth—
You alone are God the Most High; You are Lord o’er all the earth.