The Psalms are for singing
so why don’t we sing them?

A Resource for Singing the Psalms


All of Scripture is given to us for “teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness” which, of course, includes the Book of Psalms. We can certainly study the psalms, learn from them, be corrected by them, and be trained by them for righteousness, just like the rest of the Scriptures. But the Psalms are unique – they are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we  learn to sing the Word!

Get the book A Metrical Psalter: The Book of Psalms Set to Meter for Singing, an offline version of this digital resource.

Get the theological commentary companion to this Metrical Psalter, A Meditative Journey Through the Psalms.

How to use this resource

Each psalm comes equipped with three components to aid in your reflection and worship:


You will find the words to the psalm printed on the screen. As much as possible, every effort has been made by the authors to preserve the original meaning of the text, while setting the words to meter. You’ll notice the corresponding biblical verse numbers to the left of the text.


Each of the expandable tunes listed at the top of the screen has a small “play” button underneath. Selecting this button will play the audio for that tune, in continuous looping fashion until you  a) press the button again, b.) press another play button on the page, or c.) exit the page. This allows you to listen to the tune as you read (or sing!) the words to the psalm.


Selecting the expandable tune name will reveal the sheet music for that tune. Select a different tune name to reveal a different chord chart that works with the meter of the psalm. Enjoy this resource!

Quick start guide

The Psalms

The easiest way to find a psalm to sing—listed in canonical order, discover all of the Psalms, from 1-150.

Meters & Tunes

This metrical Psalter is set to specific meters and tunes—a great resource for trained musicians.

iTunes Audio

Listen to the music of each psalms in iTunes where you can download it to your device.


New to this practice? Here are some questions we’re commonly asked.

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