The primary authors and visionaries behind this Hymn Psalter are Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Julie Tennent. This resource grew not only out of their theological and musical training, as well as their deep love for the Scriptures, but also out of a very personal experience of encountering God through singing the Psalms together daily.

  • Julie Tennent
    Julie Tennent Pianist & Composer

    Julie Tennent is┬áthe primary compiler of this Psalter, and serves as a church organist and pianist, having produced several albums and a cantata titled, “All the Glory.” She has a particular interest in the intersection of music and theology, as well as the rejuvenation of psalm singing in the worship of the church.

  • Timothy Tennent
    Timothy Tennent President, Asbury Seminary

    Dr. Timothy C. Tennent is President of Asbury Theological Seminary. He is a scholar, author, and frequent conference speaker around the country and throughout the world, including numerous countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.