Psalm 129


1They have oppressed me from my youth,
Let Is-ra-el now say—
2They have oppressed me from my youth,
But no vict’ry have they!

3Though plowmen have plowed up my back,
And made their furrows long;
4The Lord, who’s righteous, cut the cords,
And freed me from their wrong!

5May all who view Zion with hate
be turned back in great shame;
6May they be like grass on the roof
that withers without name.

They’ll be like withered grass which dies
before it e’en can grow;
7 Which cannot fill the reaper’s hands
or arms for use below.

8 May those who pass by never say,
“The Lord’s blessing on you”;
Nor say, “We bless you in the name
of the Lord ever true.”