Psalm 137


1By rivers of cruel Babylon, there we sat down and wept;
When we remembered Zion’s land—our home we’ll not forget.

2Upon the trees we hung our harps, for they demanded song;
3Our captors, with triumphant scorn, said, “Sing songs of Zion.”

4How can we sing songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?
5If I forget Jerusalem, let skill leave my right hand.

6May my tongue cleave to my mouth’s roof if I do not recall;
If I don’t praise Jerusalem, my chief joy above all.

7Remember, Lord, all Edom’s sons who razed Jerusalem;
Who said, “Tear down, tear down its walls unto its foundation.”

8O daughter of doomed Babylon, your end will surely come;
How bless’d will be the one who pays to you as you have done.

9How bless’d will be the one who thus does end your cru-el-ty;
Who takes your infants, dashing them upon the rocks justly.