Psalm 14


C.M. D

1The fool has said within his heart, “There surely is no God.”
They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there’s no one who does good.

2The Lord looks down from heav’n upon all women and all men,
To see if any understand or seek for God within.

3They all have turned aside and to corruption they have gone.
There is not one who does what’s good; no, not a single one.

4Will evildoers never learn—those who with one accord
devour my people like their bread, and don’t call on the Lord?

5They are in dread, for God is with the righteous among men.
6The wicked shame afflicted ones; the Lord’s their refuge then.

7Oh, that salvation for Isr’el would come forth from Zion!
Great joy for Jacob when the Lord restores His captive ones.