Psalm 2

76.76 D

1Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?
2The kings of earth together with rulers stand arrayed
against the Lord and also ’gainst His Anointed One:
3“Let’s break their chains and fetters; with their rule we are done!”

4The One enthroned in heaven just laughs and scoffs at them,
5And then He speaks in anger; in wrath opposes them:
6“I’ve set My King in Zion, upon My holy hill.”
7He said, “You are My Son; and today begotten still.”

8“O, ask of me, I’ll give you the nations as your own;
The ends of earth I’ll grant you, for you and you alone.
9You’ll rule them with a scepter and dash them to the ground;
Like pottery in pieces, their pride I will confound.”

10Therefore, O kings, show wisdom, be warned you lords of earth;
11And serve the Lord with trembling; rejoice at His great worth.
12O kiss the Son and bow down, lest wrath destroy your way;
Though it flare up, bless’d are those who make Him all their stay.