Psalm 25

C.M. Acrostic in the Hebrew; set in a metrical English acrostic form here.

1As unto You I lift my soul, O Lord, I trust in Thee;
2But let me not be put to shame, nor foes gloat over me.

3Certain it is that none are shamed whose hope is in Your name;
Deeds of those who are treacherous shall all be put to shame.

4Ever I want to know Your ways; teach me Your paths, O Lord.
5For You I wait the whole day long—You are my Savior God.

5/6Guide me and teach me in Your truth; recall Your mercy, Lord
6How from of old Your steadfast love has been my sole reward.

7I know transgressions of my youth are ever known to Thee;
Judge not my sins; recall them not; in love, remember me.

8Kind, good, and upright is the Lord; He teaches those astray;
9Leading the humble in what’s right, and teaching them His way.

10Moreover, all of the Lord’s ways are faithfulness and love;
Neglecting not all those who keep His cov’nant from above.

11O Lord, for Your name’s sake and grace, have mercy all my years;
11/12Pardon my guilt, for it is great. Who is the one who fears?

12Quick is the Lord to know the one who fears and longs to know.
Regarding him, He will instruct the way that he should go.

13Souls thus instructed by the Lord will know prosperity;
Their offspring shall receive the land, a heritage from Thee.

14The friendship of the Lord is giv’n to those who fear Him still;
Unto them He makes known His law, His covenant and will.

15My eyes are ever toward the Lord who plucks me from the net.
16Vexed though I am, Lord, turn to me; be gracious to me yet.

17When I’m afflicted and alone with troubles of the heart,
18 Bring me out of distress, O Lord; forgiveness do impart.

19eXulting foes all gather ’round; they hate me with great hate.
20Lord, guard my life and rescue me! Let shame not be my fate.

21You are my refuge and my hope; let justice preserve me.
22Zion has troubles—God redeem! Our hope is all in Thee.