Psalm 27

L.M. D

1The Lord’s my light and salvation—of whom, then, shall I be afraid?
The Lord’s the stronghold of my life; whom shall I fear when on Him stayed?
2When evildoers come to me, who would my flesh and life devour;
When enemies and foes attack, they fall and stumble in that hour.

3Though hosts besiege me round about, my heart won’t fear, but rest content;
Though war against me does break out, e’en then I will be confident.
4One thing I ask and I will seek—dwell in the Lord’s house all my days,
To see the beauty of the Lord, and seek Him in His temple’s praise.

5For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe by His own hand.
He’ll hide me in His sheltered tent, and set me on a rock to stand.
6My head will then be lifted up above my enemies around,
And I will offer sacrifice with songs of praise and joyful sound.

7O hear my voice, Lord, when I call; be merciful and answer me;
8You asked my heart to seek Your face—Your face, O Lord, I’ll surely seek.
9But do not hide Your face from me; in anger, don’t turn me away;
For You have always been my help, my God and Savior, hope and stay.

10The Lord receives me even if my father turns his face away.
My mother, too—though they forsake, the Lord will be my strength and stay.
11Teach me Your way, and lead me, Lord, in level paths, safe from my foes.
12Do not deliver me to them who vio-lent-ly with lies oppose.

13For I am confident of this—I’ll see the goodness of the Lord;
Within the land of living ones, I’ll see the goodness of the Lord!
14Wait for the Lord! Be strong, take heart; with courage wait upon the Lord!
Take heart, be strong, and wait for Him; with confidence, wait for the Lord!