Psalm 29

1Ascribe to the Lord, all you ones of great might;
Ascribe to the Lord glory, strength in your sight.
2Ascribe to Him glory, and His name adore;
In splendor of holiness, worship the Lord.

3The voice of the Lord is above the great sea;
He thunders in glory; o’er waters is He!
4The voice of the Lord, full of power and might;
His voice is majestic and flaming in light.

5The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars in two;
The cedars of Lebanon, He does subdue.
6The Lord makes all Lebanon skip like a deer.
Mount Hermon is like a young ox when He’s near.

7The voice of the Lord strikes with flashing of light.
8His voice shakes the desert of Kadesh with might.
9The voice of the Lord strips the forests all bare;
And all in His temple, His glory declare.

10The Lord sits enthroned o’er the flood – He is King.
The Lord on His throne sits forever as King.
11The Lord gives His people His strength without cease.
The Lord is the One who will bless them with peace.