Psalm 37

L.M. D

1Don’t fret because of evil men—of wicked ones, don’t envious be;
2For they, like grass, will fade away; like plants they’ll wilt and die quickly.
3But trust the Lord and do what’s good; dwell in the land, safe days transpire.
4Delight yourself in God the Lord, and He will give your heart’s desire.

5Commit your way unto the Lord; put trust in Him for all you do;
6“He’ll make your righteousness shine bright, your justice like the sun at noon.
7Be still before the Lord and wait; don’t fret when evil ones succeed;
8Refrain from anger, turn from wrath; to fret will just to evil lead.

9For evil ones will be cut off, but not those who hope in the Lord;
They will the land inherit while the wicked soon will be no more.
10You’ll look for them—they won’t be found, though you may search and never cease;
11Instead, the meek will find great joy, inherit land and know great peace.

12The wicked against righteous plot, in anger gnash their teeth at them;
13The Lord just laughs, at wicked scoffs; He knows the sureness of their end.
14The wicked draw the sword and bow, to bring the poor and needy down;
To slay all those whose ways are true, the upright who God’s ways have found.

15The swords the wicked hold will turn, and pierce their own hearts craftily.
Their bows will all to pieces break, for God the end of all does see.
16It’s better to be poor, but just, than have the wealth of wicked ways.
17The pow-er of the wicked fades; the Lord the righteous will upraise.

18The just ones’ days are known to Him; their heritage will long endure;
19In times of crisis, they’ll not fade; in famine their food will be sure.
20But wicked ones will perish and the Lord’s vast enemies will fall;
Like beauty of the fields, they’ll fade; like vanished smoke, no trace at all.

21The wicked borrow—don’t repay; but righteous ones give gen’rously.
22The Lord will bless with promised land; those cursed of God cut off will be.
23If God delights in a man’s way, He makes his steps to firmly stand.
24E’en if he stumbles, he’ll not fall; the Lord upholds him with His hand.

25I once was young and now am old, but this is what I’ve never seen—
The righteous ones forsaken, or their children begging, poor and lean.
26The righteous lend and give away, their children will be bless’d by God.
27So turn from evil and do good; you’ll dwell forever with your God.

28The Lord loves justice and the just; He won’t forsake those faithful pure;
They’ll be protected evermore, but wicked offspring won’t endure.
29The righteous will inherit land, and dwell in it forevermore.
30Their mouths speak wisdom and their tongues speak what is just and right and sure.

31The law of God is in their heart; their feet don’t slip from off the way;
32But wicked ones—they lie in wait to take the righteous lives away.
33The Lord won’t leave them in their pow’r; and He won’t let them be condemned.
34Wait for the Lord, and keep His way; He’ll lift you up to see their end.

34For righteous will inherit land while wicked ones will be cut off;
And you will see it in your day—the end of all who boast and scoff.
35I’ve seen the wicked, ruthless man who briefly flourished like a tree,
36But soon he perished, passed away; I looked for him, but gone was he.

37Consider blameless, upright ones—they have a future, full of peace,
38But sinners all will be destroyed; their future cut off, soon to cease.
39Salvation comes from God the Lord; in troubled times, a refuge sure.
40The Lord delivers righteous ones from wicked hands, safe evermore.