Psalm 41

C.M. D

1How bless-ed is the one who loves the helpless and the weak;
The Lord delivers and protects that one when troubles peak.
2The Lord preserves and saves his life, and blesses in the land;
He’ll not surrender him to foes, but keep him in His hand.

3The Lord sustains him when he’s ill, and lifts him from his bed;
The Lord his illness takes away by lifting up his head.
4I said, “O Lord, have mercy on a sinner steeped in wrong;
Heal me, I cry, for I have sinned against You all day long.”

5My enemies about me say, with malice, ill intent,
“When will he die? When will his name both perish and be spent?”
6For everyone speaks ill of me, and slanders in his heart,
Then they go out and spread their lies, great evil they impart.

7My enemies conspire and plot, and set their traps for me.
They whisper evil plans for me as if I do not see.
8They say, “A vile disease has come and struck him down to die;
His bed will be his earthly end, right where he now does lie.”

9Even my friend who shared my bread, in whom I put my trust
has lifted up his heel ’gainst me and scattered me with dust.
10But You, O Lord, have mercy now and raise me up, I pray,
That I may rise and turn on them and all their sins repay.

11I know that You are pleased with me, for my foe is undone;
12In my integrity let me into Your presence come.
13Praise be to God our cov’nant Lord, the God of Is-ra-el,
Forever and forevermore. Amen, Amen we’ll tell!