Psalm 49

87.87 D

1Hear this, all you people, listen; all who in this world do live;
2High and low, both rich and poor, now listen to the words I give.
3My mouth will speak words of wisdom; understanding from my heart.
4My ear’s tuned to hear a proverb, myst’ries I will now impart:

5Why should I give way to fear when evil days and foes surround—
6Those who trust in their great wealth, and boast of riches all around?
7No man can redeem another or to God a ransom give;
8/9Ransom for a life is costly; no amount can make him live.

10Wise men and the foolish both die—leave their wealth to others’ hands;
11Tombs remain their house forever, though they had obtained great lands.
12Men, despite their riches, perish; they are like the beasts that die.
13This will be the fate of those who trust themselves and follow lies.Selah

14Like sheep, they go to the grave, and death will feed upon them there;
Upright ones will then rule o’er them; they’ll decay as the grave’s share.
15They’ll lie far from earthly dwellings; but God will redeem my life;
From the grave He’ll surely take me to Himself and end all strife.Selah

16Don’t be awed when men grow rich, and their vast splendor does increase,
17For they will take nothing with them—when they die their wealth will cease.
18/19Though they count themselves as bless-ed, they’ll join those who see no life.
20Those with riches without wisdom will be like the beasts that die.