Psalm 53


S.M. D

1The fool says in his heart, “There surely is no God.”
They’re all corrupt, their ways are vile; there’s no one who does good.

2From hea-ven God looks down upon the sons of men,
To see if any understand, if any seek for Him.

3But all have turned away, together all have sinned;
There’s no one who does good—not one—they’re all corrupt within.

4O will they never learn, the evildoers all,
Who eat my people as their bread, and on God do not call?

5For there they are, in dread, when nothing’s there to dread;
God scattered bones of those ’gainst you, put them to shame instead.

6Would that Isr’el be saved! From Zion, God restores
His people—Jacob, Is-ra-el, be glad forevermore!