Psalm 58


C.M. D

1You rulers, do you speak what’s just? Judge rightly among men?
2No, in your heart’s unrighteousness, violence is in your hand.
3The wicked go astray from birth; speak lies right from the womb;
4Their words like venom of a snake that sends you to the tomb.

Their venom’s like a cobra who will stop its ear so well,
5That it can’t hear the charmer’s voice, or caster of a spell.
6O God, come shatter all their teeth, let their mouths speak no more;
Break out the fangs of lions, God, and shut their mouths, O Lord.

7Let them be like the water that runs off and flows away;
When they shoot arrows, let them be made dull along the way.
8Like slugs that melt, like stillborn birth that never sees the sun
9Before pots feel the heat of thorns, they’re swept away and gone.

10The righteous will rejoice when they God’s vengeance do observe;
They’ll wash their feet in blood of wicked ones who did truth spurn.
11Then men will say, “Now we can see the fruit of righteousness;
There surely is a God who’ll judge the earth in faithfulness.”