Psalm 60


1O God, You have rejected us, and scattered us abroad.
You have been very angry but return to us, O God.

2For You have made the earth to quake, and torn it open wide;
Now heal its fractures, for it shakes and cannot long abide.

3You’ve shown Your people desperate times, and hardship on them sent;
And You have made us drink the wine of staggering lament.

4And yet a banner You have giv’n to those who do fear You;
That it may be displayed abroad, and witness to Your truth.Selah

5Save us and help with Your right hand; O hear and answer me,
That those You love may come to be delivered and set free.

6God spoke from His most holy place, “In triumph I will move;
I’ll parcel out both Shechem and the Valley of Succoth.

7“Now Gilead is Mine by right; Manasseh Mine shall be;
My helmet’s E-phra-im, and Judah will my scepter be.”

8“Moab’s My washbowl, and My shoe on Edom I will throw;
I’ll shout over Philistia; in triumph I will go.”

9Who will bring me in strength up to the city fortified?
And who will be the one that can to Edom lead and guide?

10Is it not You, O God, who did reject and spurn us so?
Will You not now return, O God, forth with our armies go?

11O give us help against the foe, for human help is vain.
12Through God we’ll gain the victory; He’ll tread our foes again.