Psalm 69


If C.M. D is used, change to a single C.M. tune after verse 32, such as Azmon (O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing) or Richmond (O For a Heart to Praise My God)

C.M. D

1Save me, O God, for waters have engulfed me like a flood.
2There is no foothold as I sink in miry depths, O God.

3I’ve called for help, my throat is parched, and God cannot be found.
4And those who hate me without cause are more than I can count.

Yes, many are my enemies; their plot to kill is real.
And I am forced to give to them what I did never steal.

5You know my folly, O my God; my guilt is in plain view.
6Let me not be a cause of shame for all who hope in You.

O Lord, the Lord Almighty God, may those who seek Your face,
Not be ashamed because of me, O God of Isr’el’s race.

7For Your sake I endure great scorn; my face is filled with shame.
8I am a stranger to my kin, to all who share my name.

9I am consumed with zeal, O Lord, for Your house fervently;
The insults of those who curse You now fall with weight on me.

10And when I weep and fast, I must endure scorn constantly;
11When sackcloth is my daily garb, they all make sport of me.

12Those seated at the gate mock me; they taunt with drunken song;
13But to You, Lord, I pray—hear me! Your love is wide and long.

14In Your salvation, answer me, and save me from the mire;
Don’t let me sink—deliver me! Their hatred does not tire.

15Deep waters roll, the floodgates pour, the depths will swallow me;
Don’t let the flood engulf me or the pit close over me.

16Lord, from the goodness of Your love, in mercy turn to me.
17Don’t hide Your face, for I’m distressed; come answer speedily.

18Come near and rescue me, O God; redeem me from my foes;
19You know I’m scorned, disgraced and shamed; my enemies You know.

20Their scorn has left me helpless and my heart is torn in two;
No one gives comfort, sympathy; I have no one but You.

21They gave me gall in food to eat, and vinegar to drink;
22Now may their table be a trap, a snare they would not think.

23May their eyes be dark as the blind; their backs be ever bent.
24Pour wrath on them and let them know the anger You have sent.

25May their place be deserted and let none be there to dwell;
26For they wound those You strike, O Lord; my pain they love to tell.

27Charge them with crime on crime, my God; don’t let them know Your grace.
28May they be blotted from Your book, nor live to see Your face.

29 I am in pain and in distress; God, save and lift up me;
30And I will praise Your name in song, to God my thanks will be.

31And this will please the Lord far more than ox or bull with horn.
32The poor will see and will be glad, who seek God night and morn.

33The Lord hears those who cry in need; He does not turn away.
34Let heav’n, earth, sea, and all therein, to Him give praise each day.

35For God will save all Zion and rebuild the cities there;
His people will possess the land of Judah, settling there.

36Their children will inherit it—all those who love His name;
They’ll dwell there, all His servants and their children, free from shame.