Psalm 89

87.87 D

1I’ll sing the Lord’s love forever, with my mouth I’ll make Him known;
2Faithfulness which leaves us never; His love is upon the throne!
3You said, “I have made a cov’nant with the chosen of My hand—
4David is My chosen servant; his throne will forever stand.”  Selah

5Heav’n declares Your wonders, Lord; Your faithfulness ’midst holy ones;
6Who is like the Lord in skies above or midst the heav’nly ones?
7In the council of the holy, God is greatly to be feared.
8Lord Almighty, who is like You? You are faithful and revered!

9You rule o’er the surging ocean; You still all the raging sea.
10You crushed Egypt with one motion; Your strong arm made Your foes flee.
11/12Heav’n is Yours and earth below it, north and south are in Your sight,
12/13Tabor, Hermon join in worship; Your right hand is full of might.

14Your throne rests upon true justice; love and faithfulness are Yours.
15Bless’d are those who do acclaim You, and walk in Your light, O Lord.
16All day long they praise Your glory, find joy in Your holy name.
17/18Your great strength is all their story—Holy One of Isr’el’s fame!

19Once You spoke to us, Your people: “I’ve exalted one from them;
20I’ve called David as My servant, and with oil anointed him.
21/22My hand and arm will sustain him; no foes will oppression bring;
23I will strike his adversaries; crushing those against My king.

24“Faithful love will rest upon him; through My name his horn is high.
25/26His hand will be o’er the seas, and ‘Father, God, my Rock,’ he’ll cry!
27I will name him as My firstborn, most exalted of all kings;
28I’ll maintain my love forever, and my cov’nant o’er all things.

29“I’ll establish him forever through his line and through his throne;
His throne will endure forever, like the heavens he’ll be known.
30/31If his sons forsake My statutes, and don’t follow My decrees,
32/33I’ll repay their sin with flogging, but from him My love won’t flee.

34“I won’t violate my cov’nant; never change what I have said;
35I have sworn and won’t relent, for David’s line will ever spread!
36His throne will endure forever like the sun that shines on high;
37It will be established ever, like the moon’s light in the sky!”Selah

38But You’re angry with Your servant; You have spurned him, broke Your trust;
39You’ve renounced Your faithful cov’nant; thrown his crown into the dust.
40/41You have broken through his stronghold, all who pass have plundered him.
41/42He’s become the scorn of neighbors; You’ve made foes rejoice o’er him.

43His drawn sword has now been turned back; You forsook him in the fight.
44His bright splendor has all turned black; his throne cast down from his sight!
45You’ve cut short the days of his youth, covered him with cloak of shame.Selah
46How long, Lord? How long will You hide and Your wrath burn like a flame?

47Lord, remember just how fleeting is the measure of my life;
Only for futility have You made men with endless strife.
48Who can live and not see death? Or who can from grave’s power flee?    Selah
49Lord, where is your former love you swore to David faithfully?

50 Lord, remember how Your servant has been mocked most scornfully;
How I bear within my heart the taunts of nations endlessly.
51 Taunts, O Lord, which enemies have heaped upon Your chosen one.
52 Blessed be the Lord forever! Yes, Amen and yes, Amen!