Psalm 10


C.M. D

1Why, Lord, do You stand far away in times of trial and pain?
2The wicked ones in arrogance afflict the weak for gain.
Let them be caught in schemes they plan; the wicked boast indeed!
3They boast of cravings in their heart, renounce GOD, and bless greed.

4In pride they do not seek Him and they think, “There is no God!”
5They prosper and consider all God’s judgments as a fraud.
6They sneer at foes and think these words: “For nothing can shake me.
I’ll always know this happiness, and trouble I’ll not see.”

7His mouth is full of lies and threats, and evil’s on his tongue.
8He waits to ambush innocent, to murder old or young.
9For victims he in secret waits, like lions wait for prey;
He lurks that he may seize the poor and drag them off to slay.

10He crushes helpless ones who sink and fall down hopelessly.
11He says, “God has forgotten this, and He will never see.”
12Arise, O Lord, lift up Your hand; forget not those in need!
13Why do the wicked spurn You, God, and say, “He will not heed”?

14But You, God, see our woe and grief; You take it all to mind.
The helpless ones know You’re their help; a father orphans find.
15O break the arm of evil ones; call them before Your throne.
May all their deeds come into light, in judgment be made known.

16The Lord is King for evermore, the nations will not stand.
17O Lord, You hear the cries of all afflicted in the land.
18For You defend the fatherless, and justice You’ll outpour
so that the wicked of the earth may terrify no more.