Psalm 9

1I’ll praise You, Lord, give thanks with all my heart;
Tell of Your wonders, and exult in Thee.
2I will be glad, praise to Your name impart;
O, Lord Most High, I sing and worship Thee.

3My foes turn back, they stumble before Thee;
4For You do see and maintain my just cause.
You sit on high, and judging righteously,
5You rebuke nations who do spurn Your laws.

You have destroyed the wicked enemy;
You blotted out their name forevermore,
6Uprooted all their cities thoroughly.
Ruin has come—their mem’ry is no more.

7But the Lord reigns enthroned in justice pure;
8He judges all the world in righteousness.
His upright judgment is established sure;
He judges people with true uprightness.

9The Lord’s a refuge for oppressed ones, too;
He is their stronghold in their time of need.
10Let those who know Your name put trust in You;
You don’t forsake those who seek You indeed.

11Sing to the Lord, enthroned in Zion’s place;
Declare among the peoples all His deeds.
12He who avenges blood still sees their face;
Cries of afflicted ones the Lord God heeds.

13Lord, see my enemies, and don’t forget;
See my affliction from the ones who hate.
Have mercy—lift me from the gates of death,
14That I may tell Your praise in Zion’s gate.

I’ll find joy in Your saving work alone;
15The nations sink into the pit they’ve made.
The Lord has made Himself be clearly known;
Their foot is caught within the net they laid.

16The Lord is known by justice that stands firm;
In their own work the wicked are ensnared.Selah
17All who forget God to She-ol return;
18But poor and needy will not perish there.

19Arise, O Lord, don’t let mere man prevail.
Let nations come, be judged before Your throne.
20Strike them with fear, Lord—let the nations know
they are but men, and You are God alone.     Selah