Psalm 101

87.87 D

1I will sing Your love and justice; to You, Lord, I will sing praise;
2I’ll be careful to be blameless. When will You, Lord, fill my days?
I will walk within my house with blameless heart, integrity;
3Set no wrong before my eyes; no evil deeds will cling to me.

3/4Deeds of faithless men I hate, their perverse hearts I do despise;
4I have naught to do with evil; it shall be far from my eyes.
5Those who secretly do slander, I will silence them for sure;
All those who have haughty eyes and proud hearts, I will not endure.

6My eyes will be on the faithful—they will ever dwell with me.
And all those whose walk is blameless, they will minister to me.
7No one who acts with deceit will dwell within my house or land;
No one who speaks lies or falsehood will within my presence stand.

8Every morning I will go forth to find wicked in the land;
I will silence them forever, they won’t be allowed to stand.
I will cut off evildoers from the city of the Lord;
No iniquity must dwell there, where God’s presence is adored.