Psalm 102

L.M. D

1O hear my prayer, Lord, let my cry for help and mercy come to You;
2When I am faint and in distress, don’t hide Your face—keep me in view.
O hear me when I call to You, and answer me—let Your ear turn.
3For my days are like smoke consumed, my bones like glowing embers burn.

4My heart is withered like the grass, and I forget to eat my food.
5Because of groaning, I’m reduced to skin and bones, my life’s consumed.
6I’m like a desert owl that sits among the ruins, stark, aloof.
7I lie awake; I’m like a bird—a bird alone upon the roof.

8Throughout the day my foes taunt me; my name used as a curse appears;
9For I eat ashes as my food, and mingle drink with anguished tears.
10Because of Your great wrath on me, You take me up, cast me aside.
11My days are like the evening shade; I’m like the withered grass that died.

12But You, O Lord, do sit enthroned, forever Your renown shall be;”
13You will arise, compassion show to Zion as she waits on Thee.
Her time for favor now has come; the time appointed has drawn near.
14Your servants pity her great plight; her stones to them are very dear.

15All nations and all kings of earth will fear the Lord’s name and revere.
16The Lord will rebuild Zion’s place, and in His glory will appear.
17He will respond to all the prayers of needy ones who bring their plea.
18So write this for the yet unborn, that they may praise the Lord indeed:

19“The Lord looked down and viewed the earth; from His Most Holy Place on high;
20To hear the pris’ners’ groaning plea, and free the ones condemned to die.”
21In Zion and Jerusalem the Lord’s name will be heard, adored;
22When peoples and the kingdoms come assemble there to praise the Lord.

23He broke my strength in prime of life, and He cut short my length of days.
24I said, “Don’t take away my life, God, in the midst of all my days.”
25Your years throughout all ages last; in the beginning, God, You laid
the earth’s foundations firm and fast; Your mighty hands the heavens made.

26They’ll perish, but You will remain; You shall forevermore endure.
Like garments they will all be changed; they’ll be discarded, worn no more.
27But You remain the same and live; Your endless years are ever true.
28Your servants, their descendants, too, will be established before You.