Psalm 140


1Rescue me, O Lord, from evil, from the vio-lent protect me!
2They devise plans in their hearts and stir up evil constantly.

3They make tongues as sharp as serpents; poison is upon their lips. Selah
4Keep me, Lord, protect me from them, for my feet they plan to trip.

5Proud men hide a snare to catch me, they set traps along my way.  Selah
6I cry, “Lord, You are my God,” and for Your mercy I will pray.

7Sovereign Lord, my strong deliver’r; for the fight, Your shield I need.
8Don’t grant wicked their desires, Lord; do not let their plans succeed.    Selah

9May all those who do surround me be entrapped in their own lies;
10Burning coals fall down upon them—thrown in fire, never to rise.

11Let not slander be established anywhere the land around;
Those who slander—men of violence—may disaster hunt them down.

12For I know the Lord loves justice, and upholds the needy’s cause;
13And the upright ones will praise You; they will live who love Your laws.