Psalm 146

87.87 D

1Praise the Lord, my soul, O praise Him; to the Lord your praises give;
2I will praise Him my whole life; sing praise to God long as I live.
3Do not put your trust in princes; in mere man who cannot save—
4When they die, their plans are nothing; they descend into the grave.

5Bless-ed is the one whose help is Jacob’s God—how bless’d is he!
Bless-ed is the one whose hope is in the Lord his God, for He
6is the Maker of the heavens, Maker of the earth and sea;
He, the Lord, made all that fills them, and keeps faith eternally.

7He upholds the cause of those who are oppressed—to them is kind;
He gives food unto the hungry; and gives sight unto the blind.
8The Lord sets the pris’ners free and lifts up those who are bowed down;
The Lord loves the righteous ones, and does their lives with glory crown.

9The Lord watches o’er the strangers; and sustains the fatherless;
Helps the widows, but He frustrates wicked ones who would oppress.
10The Lord God will reign forever; your God, Zion, evermore;
He reigns for all generations; hallelujah! Praise the Lord!