Psalm 145

87.87 D Acrostic in the Hebrew; set in a metrical English acrostic form here

1All my life I will extol You; bless Your name, my God and King.
2Blessing daily bring before You, and Your praise forever sing.
3Can a mortal search Your greatness? The Lord’s great and highly praised!
4Day to day, each generation has Your acts and works upraised!

5Ever glor’ous is Your splendor; on Your works I’ll meditate;
6For they’ll tell of works most awesome, and I’ll tell them You are great.
7Grand the mem’ry of Your goodness—righteousness shown from above.
8How the Lord gives grace and mercy—slow to anger, rich in love.

9I’ll declare the Lord’s great mercies over all His works displayed;
For the Lord is good and gracious, good to all that He has made.
10Just ones shall rejoice and bless You; all Your works shall give You praise.
11Kingdom’s glory they will speak of, and Your mighty pow’r upraise.

12Let the glory of Your acts be made known to the sons of men.
Majesty and glory of Your kingdom’s reign will never end.
13Never will Your reign diminish; through each age it will remain.
Over all Your kingdom stretches; everlasting Your domain.

14Praise the Lord—His loving care upholds and lifts up all who fall.
Quickly He will come to rescue all bowed down who on Him call.
15Raising up those who are bowed down; giving food in proper time;
So the eyes of all look to You, and Your providence they find.

16The desire of every creature You provide from Your own hand;
Unto all You give so freely; fill their need on sea or land.
17Very righteous is the Lord, and loving, too, in all His ways.
18We know that He’s near to all who call on Him in truth and praise.

19 He fulfills the needs of all who fear Him, and He hears their cry.
20 eXtol the Lord’s name—He watches o’er them from His throne on high.
You who love Him, He’ll keep ever; but the wicked He’ll destroy.
21Zealous for His praise, I’ll speak—let all flesh praise His name with joy!