Psalm 144


C.M. D

1All praise unto the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war;
My fingers are well trained because the battle does endure.
2He is my steadfast love, my strength, my fortress, and stronghold,
My shield in whom I refuge take, subduing peoples bold.

3Lord, what is man that You know him, or that You think of him;
4Man is no more than passing breath, like a mere shadow dim.
5Now rend Your heavens, Lord, come down—touch mountains so they smoke;
6Send forth Your lightning, part the skies—Your foes with fear provoke.

6/7Send out Your arrows; rout the foe; stretch forth Your hand on high;
Deliver me from foreigners, from waters rising high.
8The foreigner with lying tongue, whose falsehoods You despise—
O, Lord deliver me from him, whose hand is full of lies.

9I’ll sing a new song to You, God, upon the harp I’ll sing;
10Who rescues David from the sword; gives vic-to-ry to kings.
11Deliver me and rescue me, from foreign ones who lie,
Whose mouths are full of enmity, who do Your truth defy.

12May our sons in their youthfulness be like plants fully grown;
Our daughters like the pillars that adorn the palace throne.
13May all our barns be always full, providing food each day;
May all our sheep give birth to young, ten thousand with no prey.

14May all our cattle labor well; may our walls not be breached.
Lead us not to captivity; may fear not fill our streets.
15How bless’d are those of whom these things are true and come to be;
How bless’d the ones whose God is Lord for all eternity.