Psalm 35


S.M. D

1Contend, O Lord, with those who do contend with me;
And fight against all those who fight against me constantly.
2Take up Your shield and spear; arise, come to my aid;
3 Stop those who chase me; Say to me, “I am your salvation.”

4May those who seek my life now be disgraced and shamed.
May those who plot my ruin, Lord, be turned back and dismayed.
5Like chaff before the wind, may angels drive them on;
6May their path dark and slipp’ry be—God‘s angel driving on.

7Because they hid their net, dug pits without a cause,
8May nets they hid entangle them; in their pits let them fall.
9Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord’s salvation,
10My bones will say, “Who’s like You, Lord? You save the poor from them.”

11The ruthless testify; pose questions filled with scorn;
12They repay evil for my good and leave my soul forlorn.
13And yet when they were ill, I fasted and I prayed;
14I mourned as for my friend in grief, tears as for family made.

15But when I fell, they came, attacked with sland’rous glee;
16Like wicked, they with malice mocked, and gnashed their teeth at me.
17How long will You look on? O Lord, come rescue me!
And save my life from ravages of lions who stalk me.

18Then, I will give You thanks; Your praises I will sing,
And in the congregation great, exalting praise I’ll bring.
19Don’t let my foes rejoice, who hate me without cause;
Don’t let them gloat and wink their eye with malice, without cause.

20They do not speak in peace, but plan their wicked lies;
21Against the peaceful, they say, “Ha! We’ve seen with our own eyes!”
22But You, O Lord, have seen; don’t be far off, O Lord.
23Awake and rise to my defense; contend for me, my God.

24Lord, in Your righteousness, don’t let them gloat o’er me;
25Don’t let them think, “Aha, we won! We’ve conquered him wholly.”
26May those who gloat o’er me and the distress I face,
Who lift themselves o’er me be clothed with shame and with disgrace.

27May all who take delight that vindication’s mine;
May they with joy and gladness shout, and say, “The glory’s Thine!
The Lord delights as those, His servants, are made strong.”
28My tongue will sing Your righteousness and praises all day long.