Psalm 44

1O God, we have heard what our fathers have told,
What You did in their days, days glorious of old.
2With Your hand You drove out the nations and gave
our fathers their land; crushed all foes in the grave.

3It was not by sword that they took all the land,
Their arm brought no vict’ry—it was by Your hand;
Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your face;
You loved them so truly, and showed them Your grace.

4For You are my God, and You are my great King;
And vict’ries for Jacob You plan and You bring.
5Through You all our enemies we can depose;
Through Your name we trample on all of our foes.

6I trust not my bow or my sword for my fame,
7For You give the vict’ry; put our foes to shame.
8In God we will boast throughout all the day long;
We’ll give praise to Your name forever in song.Selah

9But now You’ve rejected and humbled us too;
You no longer go out when our armies do.
10You made us retreat, as the enemy closed,
And we have been plundered by vi-o-lent foes.

11You’ve given us up; we’re devoured like sheep;
You’ve scattered us; among the nations we weep.
12You sold us, Your people, and nothing did gain;
You gave up Your people for others to reign.

13We’re now a reproach to our neighbors and friends;
The scorn and derision of them never ends.
14You’ve made us a byword among nations all;
They shake their heads at us, and mockingly call.

15Disgrace is before me throughout all the day;
My face must be covered; shame won’t go away.
16They taunt and revile me; reproach never ends,
Because of my foes who are bent on revenge.

17Now all this has happened, though we had been true;
We broke not Your cov’nant; did not forget You.
18Our hearts had not turned back; our feet had not strayed;
19You crushed us in darkness; a jackal’s haunt made.

20If we had forgotten the name of our God,
Or spread out our hands to a false, foreign god—
21Would God not have seen it, since He knows our heart?
22For Your sake we face death, like sheep torn apart.

23Awake, Lord! Why sleep? Don’t reject us again.
24Why hide Your face, forgetting our oppression?
25We’re brought down to dust, our life’s flung to the ground.
26Rise up now and help us! Let Your love abound!