Psalm 45

1My heart is stirred by a grand, noble theme,
As I recite my verses for the king.
My tongue is like a skillful writer’s pen,
As it stands ready to recite and sing.

2You are most excellent of men e’er sung;
Since God bless’d you, your lips are full of grace.
3Gird your sword on your side, O mighty one;
Be clothed with majesty; splendor embrace.

4In majesty, ride forth in victory;
Let your right hand display your awesome deeds.
With righteousness, truth and humility,
Ride forth in majesty victoriously.

5Your arrows sharply pierce all foes of yours,
and all the nations fall beneath your feet.
6 Your throne, O God, will last forevermore;
Justice will be the scepter that You keep.

7You love true righteousness, and evil hate,
So God, your God has set you over men.
He has anointed you in splendor great,
And with the oil of joy above all them.

8All of your robes are fragrant with the smell
of myrrh and cinnamon and aloes, too.
From palaces adorned with ivory well,
Music of strings brings gladsome joy to you.

9Daughters of kings are with your women here;
At your right hand, your bride in Ophir gold.
10Listen, O daughter, ponder and give ear:
Forget your people and your whole household.

11The king’s enthralled by beauty that you bear,
So honor him, for he’s your lord indeed.
12Tyre’s daughter comes with gifts for you most fair,
And men of wealth will come, your grace to seek.

13All glo-rious is the princess in her room;
Her gown is woven with the finest gold.
14Led to the king, in beauty she’ll come soon,
With her companions, he will her behold.

15They’re led with joy and gladness to the king,
Brought in procession to his palace grand.
16In place of fathers, you their sons will bring;
You’ll make them princes all throughout the land.

17I’ll cause your name to last in memory,
All generations will remember sure.
Nations will therefore, praise you joyfully,
Always, forever, and forevermore.