Psalm 63


1O God, You are my God, and I
will seek You earnestly.
My soul does thirst, my body longs;
With You I want to be.

I’m in a dry and weary land,
Where water can’t be found;
2But I have seen You in Your house
with glory all around.

3Your love is better far than life;
Your name I’ll glorify.
4I’ll praise You long as I may live,
And lift my hands on high.

5My soul will be well satisfied
as with the best of food;
My mouth will sing, my lips will praise,
With praise that You are due.

6Upon my bed, I think of You,
Through watches of the night;
7In shadow of Your wings, I sing,
For You’re my help and light.

8Your right hand does uphold me, and
my soul does cling to You;
9And those who seek my life will be
destroyed where none can view.

10They will be given to the sword,
For jackals, they’ll be food.
11The king finds joy; God’s people praise;
While liars are subdued.