Psalm 64

C.M. D

1Hear me, O God, as unto You I voice complaint and cry;
Protect my life from enemies whose threats are always nigh.
2Hide me from their conspiracy – that noisy, evil crowd,
3They sharpen tongues like swords and aim their words like arrows proud.

4They shoot their arrows and ambush the innocent who’s near;
They shoot at him quite suddenly and show no dread or fear.
5They talk to one another and encourage evil plans;
They say, “Who sees the snares we hide? We’ve formed a perfect plan!”

6They plot injustice and declare, “Our perfect plot will stand!”
For surely very cunning is the mind and heart of man.
7But God will shoot His arrows, too, and they will be struck down;
8He’ll turn their own tongues back on them – their plans He will confound.

To ruin God will bring them – those who see will scorn each one;
9Then all will fear and ponder God, proclaiming what He’s done.
10Let righteous ones take refuge and rejoice in God the LORD;
Let all upright in heart praise Him – to Him all praise accord!