Psalm 65

1Silence and praise wait for You, O my God;
Waiting in Zion where the vows are paid.
2O, God who hears the prayers we offer up,
To You all flesh will come and seek Your aid.

3When we were overwhelmed by sin and shame,
All our transgressions You did cover o’er.
4Bless’d is the one You choose and do bring near.
We will be filled with good within Your courts.

5You answer us with deeds of righteousness;
O God our Savior, we look unto Thee.
You are the hope of all who look to You,
From ends of earth and to the farthest sea.

6You formed the mountains by Your pow’r and might;
You, Lord, are armed with strength from age to age.
7You still the roaring of the seas and waves,
And still the tumult of the nations’ rage.

8All those who dwell on earth’s remotest shore,
Who, at earth’s end their living do employ;
They stand in awe of all Your wonders great—
You make the dawn and sunset shout for joy.

9You visit earth, and it does overflow;
You do enrich all life by Your own hand.
Streams You provide for waters forth to flow;
Grain for the harvest over all the land.

10You drench with water furrows of the earth,
Settle its ridges, soften them with rain.
11You bless earth’s growth—Your paths with life o’erflow;
You crown the year with bounty once again.

12The pastures of the wilderness break forth;
Hills gird themselves with joy abundantly.
13Meadows are clothed with flocks and fields with grain;
They shout for joy and sing triumphantly.