Psalm 7

1O Lord, my God, in You I refuge take;
Save me from those who would pursue my life.
2Like a strong li-on they would tear and shake,
Leaving no help in all my painful strife.

3If, Lord my God, I’m guilty in Your sight,
If there is guilt and sin upon my hand;
4If I’ve robbed friends, or evil done in spite,
5Let my life be cast down at Your command.Selah

6Arise, O Lord, in anger that’s replete;
Rise up against rage of my enemies.
Awake, my God, rise to Your judgment seat;
7Let the assembly know of Your decrees.

8The righteous Lord, He judges all the earth.
Judge me, O Lord, by my own righteousness.
Vindicate my integrity and worth,
According to my life of faithfulness.

9O God, You search the hearts and minds of men.
You end the vi-o-lence of wicked ones.
Bring all their sin to its appointed end,
And keep securely all Your righteous ones.

10My shield is God who saves those in the right—
11The righteous judge whose wrath opposes sin.
12If He does not relent, His sword will fight;
His bow is bent, and poised to strike again.

13He has prepared His deadly weapons now;
He makes His arrows with their fiery shafts.
14The wicked man conceives an evil vow,
Bringing to birth those sins and lies he crafts!

15He digs a pit and makes it big and round;
But he falls in the pit that he has made.
16His mischief turns, upon him does rebound;
Vio-lence comes on his head and he’s betrayed.

17I will give thanks, which to the Lord is due;
His righteousness is over everything.
I’ll sing praise to the Lord’s name ever true—
The Lord Most High, His praises I will sing.