Psalm 77


C.M. D

1I cried out to my God for help; I cried for God to hear.
2When in distress, I sought the Lord; no comfort was found near.

All night I stretched untiring hands; my soul could only moan.
3I mused, my spirit grew more faint; remembered God and groaned.Selah

4You kept my eyes from closing, Lord; too troubled e’en to speak.
5I thought of days from long ago, when faith did not seem weak.

6My songs remembered in the night bring mem’ry to my heart.
My spirit does inquire of God; with musing, questions start:

7“Will God reject forever? O where has His favor gone?
8Has His unfailing love now failed? His promise trusted long?

9“Has God forgotten to be kind and merciful to me?
Has He in anger withheld love? No mercy do I see!”Selah

10And then I thought, “It is my grief to fear and wonder why;
I will appeal to God’s right hand—the years of the Most High.”

11I will remember the Lord’s deeds, Your miracles of old.
12I’ll meditate on all Your works, Your mighty deeds once told.

13Your ways, O God, are holy—for what god’s great as our God?
14O God, You do great miracles, display Your pow’r abroad.

15Your mighty arm redeemed the host of people who descend
from Jacob and from Joseph—You great help to them did send.Selah

16The waters saw You and they shook; the waters saw with fear.
The very depths were shaken when Your presence, God, drew near.

17The clouds outpoured their water, and the skies with thunder shook;
Your lightning arrows flashed about—all trembled at Your look.

18Your thunder in the whirlwind roared, and all who heard did shake;
Your lightning lit the world, and all the earth did fear and quake.

19Your path led through the mighty sea; Your way through waters deep.
And though Your footprints were not seen, Your people You did keep.

20You led Your people like a flock that trusts the shepherd’s hand;
Through Moses and through Aaron, You enabled them to stand.