Psalm 76

S.M. D

1In Judah God is known; His name in Is-ra-el.
2His tent is in Jerusalem—in Zion He does dwell.
3For there He broke the spears, the flashing arrows bright,
The swords and shields, the weapons of all war by His great might.Selah

4Your glo-rious light shines forth, majestic more than hills,
Or mountains that are rich with game—with glo-rious light You’re filled.
5The brave and valiant men lie plundered, cannot stand;
They sleep their last—no warrior’s left who can lift up his hand.

6At Your rebuke, O God; O God of Jacob still;
At Your rebuke, both horse and man with char-i-ot lie still.
7You’re to be feared alone; before You who can stand?
When You are angry, who can stand before Your righteous hand?

8From heav-en judgment came; the earth was still with fear—
9When You, O God, rose up to judge, to save afflicted here.Selah
10For e’en the wrath of man will be turned to Your praise;
And with the wrath that does remain, You’ll gird Yourself like praise.

11Make vows unto the Lord, fulfill them and draw near.
Let all the lands around bring gifts to Him who’s to be feared.
12He breaks the pride of those who do not see His worth,
Then He is feared by rulers great, by kings of all the earth.