Psalm 75


1We give thanks to You, O God,
Your name’s near—give thanks abroad.
All tell of Your wondrous deeds,
We give thanks, Your name we heed.
2You say, “I appoint the time;
Judge uprightly all that’s Mine.

3“When the earth and peoples quake,
I won’t let earth’s pillars shake.Selah
4To the proud I say, ‘Boast not!’
To the wicked, ‘Horns are naught!’
5Don’t lift up your horns on high,
Don’t speak with your head held high.”

6No one from the east or west
can exalt a man at best.
7God it is who judges all;
He exalts or makes us fall.
8The Lord’s hand holds forth a cup
full of wine with spice mixed up.

Foaming wine He will pour out;
All earth’s wicked cry and shout.
To the dregs they drink it down.
9As for me, with a great sound,
I’ll declare and sing God’s praise—
God of Jacob, all my days.

10He will find the horns of those
wicked ones who Him oppose;
All their horns will be cut off,
Those who at Him sneer and scoff.
But the horns of righteous men
will be lifted up again.