Psalm 74

1Why have You long rejected us, O God?
Why does Your anger burn against Your sheep?
2You purchased us—Your own inheritance;
Remember those You saved; Mount Zion keep.

3Turn Your steps toward this devastation great;
The enemy destroyed the holy place.
4Your foes have roared into Your meeting place,
They’ve set up standards as signs of disgrace.

5They’ve taken axes as men would chop trees;
6They’ve smashed the carved work, brought unholy shame.
7They burned Your sanctuary to the ground;
Defiled the dwelling place of Your great name.

8They said within their hearts, “We’ll crush them whole!”
They burned each place where worship was of Thee.
9No mighty signs or prophets can be found,
And none of us knows how long this will be.

10How long, O God, will foes deride Your name?
How long will enemies their scorn deploy?
11Why do You hold Your hand back and delay?
Take Your right hand from waiting, and destroy!

12But You, O God, are my king from of old;
You bring salvation unto all the earth.
13You split the seas wide open by Your pow’r;
14You crushed the monsters and Levi’than’s girth.

15You opened springs and dried up rivers’ flow;
16The day and night, sun, moon belong to You.
17You set earth’s bound’ries—where they end, You know;
You made the summer and the winter, too.

18Now, Lord, remember how Your foes have mocked;
How foolish people have reviled Your name.
19Don’t hand Your dove to wild beasts to devour,
And don’t forget Your people, clothed in shame.

20Keep Your own cov-e-nant, O Lord, in mind,
For vio-lence fills dark places in the land.
21Don’t let the oppressed ones tremble in disgrace,
But may the needy praise Your name and stand.

22Rise up, O God, and now defend Your cause;
See how fools mock You all day scornfully.
23Do not ignore the clamor of Your foes;
Their uproar rises up continually.