Psalm 79


1The nations have invaded Your heritage, O God;
They have defiled Your temple; Jerus’lem’s razed to sod.
2They’ve given the dead bodies of Your own saints for meat,
As food for birds of hea-ven, and beasts of earth to eat.

3Their blood’s poured out like water around Jerusalem,
And no one’s left alive there to care or bury them.
4We’re objects of reproach to our neighbors everywhere,
Of scorn and of derision to everyone who’s there.

5How long, O Lord? Forever will You be filled with ire?
How long will You be jealous—Your anger burn like fire?
6Pour out Your wrath on nations who do not know Your fame;
Your anger upon kingdoms that don’t call on Your name.

7For they’ve devoured Jacob, his homeland laid to waste.
8Don’t hold past sins against us; we need You—come in haste!
9O help us, God our Savior! For glory of Your name,
Deliver and forgive us, for the sake of Your name.

10Why should the nations, boasting, in pride say, “Where’s their God?”
Before our eyes, make known to the nations far abroad,
That You avenge Your people and see their blood outpoured;
That You, before our eyes, show Yourself to be the Lord.

11May groaning of the pris’ners come to Your ear and eye;
By strength of Your own arm, Lord, preserve those doomed to die.
12Pay back into the laps of our neighbors sevenfold
the scorn they’ve hurled at You, Lord, reproaches brash and bold.

13Then we who are Your people—the sheep of Your own field
will thank You, Lord, forever; all praise to You we’ll yield.
And from one generation unto all length of days,
We will recount Your glory, and will tell forth Your praise.