Psalm 80

L.M. D

L.M. for refrains (verses 3, 7, 19)—or use the second half of original tune.

1Hear us, O King of Is-ra-el, who shepherds Joseph very well;
And like a flock You care for him, enthroned between the cherubim.
2Shine forth before Your people in Manasseh, Ephra’m, Benjamin;
Awaken in Your righteous might, and come to save us in Your light.

3Restore us, God, and make Your face to shine upon us by Your grace.
Restore us, God, that we may be forever saved eternally.

4O Lord, the God of Hosts, how long will You be angry and prolong
5Your wrath against Your people’s prayers, whom You have fed with bread of tears?
5/6For You have made us drink our tears and with our neighbors strive with fears.
6Now all our enemies around mock us with scorn, our lives confound.

7Restore us, God, and make Your face to shine upon us by Your grace.
Restore, Almighty God, that we may now be saved eternally.

8You brought Your people like a vine from Egypt by Your own design;
You drove out all the nations so the vine You planted there could grow.
9You cleared the ground and it took root; it filled the land—a sturdy shoot;
10The mountains and the cedars tall were covered with its shade o’er all.

11Its branches reached to the Great Sea, and to the River Eu-phra-tes.
12So why have You now broken down the walls which You once built around?
12/13Now all who pass by pick its fruit, and beasts now ravage and uproot.
14/15Return, O God, look down and see; watch o’er Your vine—Your son indeed!

16Your vine is cut and burned with fire; at Your rebuke we all expire.
17Let Your hand rest upon the man, the son of man at Your right hand.
18Then we will never turn away, from You who are our strength and stay;
Revive us, Lord and we will call upon Your name to save us all.

19Restore us, God, and make Your face to shine upon us by Your grace.
O Lord, Almighty God, restore; may we be saved forevermore.