Psalm 64

1Now hear me, O God, as I cry unto You;
Protect me from threats that the wicked will do.
2O hide me when enemies seek to do wrong,
And shelter me safe from the plots of the strong.

3For they do all kinds of insidious things;
They sharpen their tongues to unleash deadly stings.
4They shoot from an ambush the innocent one;
They shoot at him quickly, and fear they have none.

5They bolster each other in their evil plans.
They hide snares and say, “Who will know our commands?”
6They plot great injustice; say, “We won’t be found.”
The cunning of man’s heart and mind knows no bound.

7But God will shoot arrows at their hidden place,
And they will be struck down, and found in disgrace.
8Their own tongues will witness, bring ruin forlorn,
And all those who see them will shake heads in scorn.

9All people will fear and together proclaim
the works God has done, and they’ll ponder His name.
10Let all of the righteous rejoice in the Lord,
Take refuge in Him, and to Him praise accord!