Psalm 104

76.76 D

1O bless the Lord, my soul; O Lord God, You’re very great!
You’re clothed with majesty, and resplendent is Your state.
2He wraps Himself in light, like a garment clothed in rays;
He stretches out the heavens—a canopy of praise.

3He builds His heav’nly dwelling on waters in the sky;
He makes the clouds His chariot, on wings of wind He rides.
4He makes the winds His servants, with fire His presence proves.
5He sets earth on foundations that never can be moved.

6You covered earth with water—a garment of the deep;
The waters stood above all the mountain peaks so steep.
7But then at Your rebuke, all the waters fled from sight;
At the sound of Your thunder, the waters took to flight.

8They flowed over the mountains, went into valleys deep;
9You set for them a bound’ry—a bound’ry they must keep.
10He makes springs flow ’midst mountains, into ravines they burst;
11The creatures all have water; the donkeys quench their thirst.

12The birds nest by the waters; they sing among the trees;
13And from His heav’nly dwelling, He waters earth with ease.
14He makes grass grow for cattle, and plants for man’s good toil;
15Gives bread and wine for gladness; makes our face shine with oil.

16The Lord’s trees are well watered, the cedars He did plant;
17The birds make nests; the stork has a home the pine trees grant.
18The goats live in the mountains; the badgers’ needs are met.
19The moon marks off the seasons; the sun knows when to set.

20You bring the dark at nighttime; the beasts roam forth abroad.
21The lions roar for prey, and they seek their food from God.
22With rising sun, they go back and lie down in their dens.
23Then man goes to his labor, and works till the day ends.

24How many are Your works, Lord, in wisdom You made all!
25The earth and sea are filled with Your creatures, great and small.
26The ships go to and fro; the leviathan live there.
27These all look unto You for their food You give with care.

28When You open Your hand, and give food to all You’ve made,
They eat it, satisfied with the good that You’ve displayed.
29But when You hide Your face, they with fear are terrified;
When You take back their breath, they return to dust and die.

30When You send forth Your Spirit, they are created new;
Your Spirit does with power the face of earth renew.
31So may the glory of the Lord God endure always,
And may the Lord rejoice in His works that give Him praise.

32He looks at earth—it trembles; at His touch, mountains smoke.
33I’ll praise the Lord forever; His praise I will invoke.
I’ll sing praise to my God for as long as I may live.
34O may my meditation be pleasing which I give.

34May my thoughts always please Him, as I joy in the Lord.
35But may the sinners perish, and wicked be no more.
O praise the Lord, my soul, and rejoice in Him always;
O bless the Lord, my soul, and forever give Him praise.