Psalm 109

C.M. D


1O God, the One I ever praise, O do not silent be,
2For wicked and deceitful men do mock and slander me.
2/3They speak with lies against me and with words of hate surround,
3And they attack me without cause—no hope for me is found.

4My friendship they return with their accusing everywhere,
But I will not be like them, for I am a man of prayer.
5They repay me with wickedness, with evil for my good,
And hatred for the friendship I would offer if I could.

6Appoint a wicked man to stand against him to oppose;
Let an accuser stand at his right hand with all his foes.
7When he’s tried, let him guilty be; his very prayers condemn;
8His days be few; another take his leadership from him.

9May his wife soon a widow be; his children fatherless;
10May they be wand’ring beggars with no home or kind redress.
11May creditors seize all he has; his work to strangers’ greed;
12May none their kindness give to him, nor take care of his seed.

13May his descendants be cut off—their names forgotten be.
14May God recall his fathers’ sins; his mother’s also see.
15May all their sins remain before the Lord since days of birth;
May He cut off the mem-or-y of them from all the earth.

16For he of kindness never thought, but hounded unto death
the brokenhearted and the poor; he took their very breath.
17He loved to curse—so cursing therefore also came on him;
He found no joy in blessing, therefore blessing’s far from him.

18He clothed himself with cursing as a garment that he wore;
It entered to his inward parts like water and like oil.
19 So it will be to him just like a cloak wrapped ’round about,
And like a belt that constantly girds all his life throughout.

20May this be the Lord’s payment to accusing enemies;
To those who with great malice speak their evil against me.
21But You, O sovereign Lord, deal well with me for Your name’s sake;
In goodness of Your love, save me, and don’t my life forsake.

22For I am poor and needy, and my heart’s pierced in my soul.
23I fade away like evening shade; cast off like locusts whole.
24My knees give way from fasting, and my frame is gaunt and thin.
25When they see me, they wag their heads; I’m just a scorn to them.

26Help me, O Lord, and save me in accordance with Your love;
27Let them know that it’s from Your hand—You’ve done it from above.
28For they may curse, but You will bless, though they curse with their voice;
When they attack, they’ll be shamed but Your servant will rejoice.

29Accusers will be clothed with shame, like a robe of disgrace.
30With my mouth I’ll extol the Lord, bring praise before His face.
31For He stands at the right hand of the needy one ’gainst them;
To save his life from those who would judge him and would condemn.