Psalm 110


1The Lord says to my Lord: “Come sit at my right hand until
I make your enemies a stool whereon your feet may dwell.”

2The Lord will stretch your scepter to extend from Zion’s hill;
You’ll rule amidst your enemies; you will rule ever still.

3Your troops will be a willing force on this your battle day;
The youth will come from early dawn in majesty arrayed.

4The Lord has sworn His promise and He will not change His mind:
“You are a priest forever in Melchizedek’s own line.”

5The Lord is at Your right hand – He is at Your hand and path;
And He will crush rebellious kings on the day of His wrath.

6He’ll judge the nations, heaping up the bodies of the dead,
And crushing rulers of the earth who see His day in dread.

7He will drink from the brook beside the way His feet do tread;
Therefore, when all is in its place, He will lift up His head.