Psalm 111

C.M. Acrostic in the Hebrew; set in a metrical English acrostic form here.

1All praise I’ll give with all my heart,
Bring thanks to God and sing.
Come, gather all you upright ones,
Delight—the Lord is King!

2Enjoy the great works of the Lord;
Fail not to see, adore.
3Great and majestic are His deeds;
His righteousness endures.

4In all my mem’ry He has placed
Just acts and wondrous deeds.
Know that the Lord’s compassionate;
Love and kind grace is He.

5Mercy He gives to those who fear,
No food they lack or need.
O He remembers covenant,
Provides eternally.

6Quickly He shows His mighty power;
Rewards with gifts of land.
7Shows us His just and faithful works;
Trustworthy, His law stands.

8Upright and steadfast are His ways;
Vibrant in faithfulness.
9Well has He saved His cov’nant ones—
eXtol His holiness!

10You will find wisdom when you seek
the fear of God the Lord.
Zealously follow His commands—
praise to Him evermore!