Psalm 112

87.87 Acrostic in the Hebrew; set in a metrical English acrostic form here.

1All praise to the Lord Almighty;
Bless’d are those who fear the Lord
Come and revel in His statutes;
Delight in His righteous Word!

2Every child of God Almighty,
Filled with blessing and set free;
Generations of the upright,
His descendants bless’d shall be.

3In his house will be true riches;
Justice, righteousness endure.
4Kindled light into the darkness,
Love and mercy there are sure.

5Mighty is the one who’s gen’rous,
Never failing to be just;
6Openhearted, never shaken,
Praise is his e’en from the dust!

7Quiet trust despite bad tidings,
Resolute trust in the Lord.
8Steadfast is his fearless stature,
Triumph o’er his foes is sure.

9Upright, just, he gives so freely,
Visiting the poor with food;
With his righteousness enduring,
eXalted in honor, good!

10Yes, the wicked man will see, and
in his anger, gnash his teeth.
Zeal for right will be exalted
when his ending is complete!