Psalm 142


1I cry to the Lord Most High,
Lift my voice with plaintive cry.
Lord in mercy think on me,
Hear my supplicating plea.
2I pour my complaint to Him,
Tell the trouble I am in.

3When my spirit does grow faint,
I trust You hear my complaint;
You do surely know my way.
In the path I walk each day
foes have hid a snare for me,
hid a trap I cannot see.

4Look to my right hand and see,
No one is concerned for me.
I’ve no refuge—none who care.
5I cry, “Lord, You must be there!
You’re my refuge, my portion
in the land of living ones.”

6Listen to my cry and heed,
For I am in desperate need.
Save me from those who pursue,
They are not too strong for You;
Rescue me and hear my plea,
For they are too strong for me.

7Set me from my prison free,
That my praise to You might be.
Righteous ones will gather ’round
to hear how You did confound.
They will all Your goodness see,
How You loved me bountif’ly.